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Paint Your Wings
Lack of passion, lack of mind.
Lack of the love you left behind.
Limp thoughts and weary eyes,
Emotion is your demise.
Hide from love and hide from lust,
Crouch in flames because you must.
Fighting hatred with hatred to keep it at bay,
You've feared all feelings since they went away.
You can burn, you can bite
But you cry into the night
Bleeding as you wonder why
Your wings are gone, you're left to die.
Chair stands under the noose you hung,
Sick of being the bottom rung.
Realise the scene, push yourself up off the mat,
Back on your feet, you know you're stronger than that.
So armed with paint bucket and brush,
You try to work but not to rush.
As that band told you one song,
You'll have to paint your wings back on.
:iconblizzardfoxx:BlizzardFoxx 1 2
In Your Eyes
Grey hoops, narrow and flowing.
Coils of wire with the strength of iron.
They seem to glow with a perfect power.
A tranquil blue sky is hidden behind the barbed wire that lies in the way.
It's a cage that I can't seem to break through.
A cage that still is soft and comforting.
The wires bend but will not break as I press against them,
Trying to reach through to the sky.
Loops of steel wire are dotted with silver nuggets
While a rim of gold encircles a void of darkness
Right in the centre of each tunnel of cool metal.
But around the circular cage there is nothing but blankness.
And so I'll stay in the comfort of the cage,
Stuck there, transfixed and drawn into them
Because you've captured me and I'm not strong enough.
I'm not strong enough to break through the steel.
It's natural human greed that keeps me here,
Absorbing the luxury of silver chunks,
And basking in the circles of gold
That only I can see.
:iconblizzardfoxx:BlizzardFoxx 1 0
Wolf/Canine Lineart by BlizzardFoxx Wolf/Canine Lineart :iconblizzardfoxx:BlizzardFoxx 1 0 Eterna by BlizzardFoxx Eterna :iconblizzardfoxx:BlizzardFoxx 1 1
Feelings Spill
You looked at me, and I smiled at you. I'd already been watching a while.
You joked along, and I felt warm, too. I'll always love watching you smile.
You looked me in the eye, and I swooned right there. I hoped that it wasn't true.
But when you gave me that half smile, I didn't care. I knew I'd fallen for you.
Lie your body by mine, and curl your limbs around me.
Protect me from the storm outside, because it has now found me.
Your body is a sanctuary, your words a calming rain.
Your eyes the center of the storm, where I won't be held by chains.
I want you to stay by my side no matter what's to come,
But what you said, it wrecked me, and now the damage is all done.
Your words were harsh I hope you know and I flinched back at the sound;
You broke my confidence and now your actions will come back around.
Still I don't seem to really care because in you I see my match,
And maybe one day you'll appreciate it, and the heart you once did catch.
Yes, that heart was mine, and it was a gift that
:iconblizzardfoxx:BlizzardFoxx 1 2
Woke up this morning to a beautiful sight,
First time this winter, you know.
When I looked out the window, I felt feather light
As I gazed upon the beautiful snow.
I thought instantly of you and how I wished you were here,
To see the scene reminiscent of you.
Because, like a snow sky, your intentions are never quite clear,
And your words scatter me with the same hope, too.
I find the same joy in this wintry wonder
as I do when I catch your eye.
Because although it seems cold to those who aren't quite there,
It still makes me feel warm inside.
Some believe snow is cold at heart,
As some believe your words to be
But really, it is just the start
Of the circle back to the warmth I see.
Because I know you're not perfect, and you're not even close
To what I'd imagined the boy for me would be.
But I'll never regret you being the one that I chose,
Because I still love every flaw that I see.
So maybe you don't see me as the girl in your head,
But I promise I would be good.
Because there's no wa
:iconblizzardfoxx:BlizzardFoxx 0 2
Some days by BlizzardFoxx Some days :iconblizzardfoxx:BlizzardFoxx 1 0 Scared to Act by BlizzardFoxx Scared to Act :iconblizzardfoxx:BlizzardFoxx 0 0 It's My Life by BlizzardFoxx
Mature content
It's My Life :iconblizzardfoxx:BlizzardFoxx 0 4
Don't Wait to Seize the Day by BlizzardFoxx Don't Wait to Seize the Day :iconblizzardfoxx:BlizzardFoxx 0 0
The Courage to Act
I'm sitting next to him in a group of our friends, and I start arguing with him. No, not really an argument. It's all in good fun, and we both know it. There are butterflies in my stomach. I like him. A lot. He's sweet and funny and stupid and smart and teasing. But he's also my friend, and I haven't known him long enough. I don't know how he might treat other girls, either. He's so easy to talk to. I'm sure he treats other girls just like he treats me. And I'm sure some of them feel the same way about him as I do. But I'm willing to forget that when I'm with him, for the most part. So for now we sit, and we talk.
Then it happened. He said something, and I rebutted it, turning to face him straight on. With every point one of us would make, we moved our heads closer together, trying to convince the other to submit. We were very close, when neither of us had anything left to say, and we froze, just looking at each other, our opposing opinions hanging in the air.
We stayed like that for s
:iconblizzardfoxx:BlizzardFoxx 0 0
Dear Friend
Dear friend,
I miss you. I want you to know that so much right now. I miss you so very much. I know that we haven't actually spoken much at all recently, but remember we did? We used to talk all the time. Not a day would go by where we didn't. We meant so much to each other. Don't you remember? I know I'd be lying if I said I don't miss at least part of that. I do. I really do. Could you say the same? Or have you just lost all those feelings of love and friendship we once had for each other? Do you even care about me at all anymore? I wouldn't understand that. I'm not capable of that.
But this isn't about that. This is about now. Now we hardly talk. But I still care about you so very much. I still love you. How could I not? I know you don't want to be in your current position, but nobody can help that, except you. And even you don't have complete control over it. I know how strong you are. I know you want to be happy. We all do. Not a day passes in which any of us don't think about you
:iconblizzardfoxx:BlizzardFoxx 1 6
Demissia Ref. by BlizzardFoxx Demissia Ref. :iconblizzardfoxx:BlizzardFoxx 1 3 Sapphire by BlizzardFoxx Sapphire :iconblizzardfoxx:BlizzardFoxx 4 5
Just A Moment
Sometimes we think a moment is going to last a lifetime. We think it will be the start of something wonderful and new. But really, it was just a moment. Because when you share a moment with someone, you can feel like you were meant to be with them, because that moment couldn't be so perfect in any other way. Your feelings come and swell with you, and as long as you stay silent about it, as long as the moment and the feelings that went with it are still only yours, the feelings stay just as dominant as before. The moment is still between the two of you, and you still feel as special as before. But as soon as you reveal to someone what happened in that moment, or even just how you feel for that other person, the feelings usually start to fade. The colours and power of that moment are running out of the memory, and sinking into the earth, until even the feelings are but the wisp of a memory. You don't feel what you did, now that you have committed to it by sharing that moment with the wor
:iconblizzardfoxx:BlizzardFoxx 1 0
I Worry by BlizzardFoxx I Worry :iconblizzardfoxx:BlizzardFoxx 4 60


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